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RE: UP3214Q - MST & Firefox Menu Issues

The test should be performed on a Dell system with a GTX680 video card using the latest official NVIDIA drivers and the latest build of Firefox on Windows 8 x64. That is the closest environment to the one I produced the video from.

* We cannot. You are not using Dell OEM video cards. You are using retail MSI. They use a different GPU bios. Our point is that on our Dell OEM hardware and drivers, we cannot replicate the issue using the latest version of FF. We are not going to go out and buy retail video cards

The product page and included documentation for this display does not state that this display is only to be used with Dell equipment/drivers. If this is the case I strongly suggest the product page is updated. One would think that Dell would want to do whatever it takes to debug possible issues with a $3,500 display. If that takes purchasing a $300 video card for testing so be it. Regardless, I appreciate your candid responses to my questions. I wish more moderators were as forthcoming.

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