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U2713H with PS3 is a no go?


I just got the U2713H as a replacement for the old U2711. I was trying to hook up my PS3 (Playstation 3) to the U2713H via HDMI but I got a blank screen saying "Entering power saving mode" when I set HDMI as the input source. The DVI cable is hooked up at the same time to my PC.

If I take the DVI cable from my PC out (or if I turn the PS3 off), the screen says as if I haven't plugged any HDMI cable.

I'm sure the HDMI cable is working fine, because it's the same cable I used to plug to the old U2711. If I use the HDMI cable to connect to my PC (instead of using a DVI cable), it's working too

Only if I want to hook up my PS3 with the HDMI cable that the monitor is playing around. Is it a faulty? Monitor is new (Refurbished, I think), REV06
I've already tried to reset it to default factory settings

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