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RE: U2713H with PS3 is a no go?

The U2713H HDMI version is 1.4, 2560x1440 60Hz.
The U2711 HDMI version is 1.3, 1920x1080 60Hz.

Dell HDMI cable part T516N

Or look locally for this: Nitho Gaming HDMI Cable 1.4b

One user posted this. I am assuming these are PS3 instructions:
* Go to Settings- Display Settings
* Scroll down until you see the RGB Full Range (HDMI) and switch it to Full, otherwise the colors will be washed out. This applies to all displays
* Go to Settings- Video Settings
* Scroll down and select 1080p 24hz Output (HDMI) and select Off since the Dell U2713H does not support judder free 24hz Blu-Ray play back but can play movies smoothly when set to 60hz

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