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RE: UP2414Q won't reliably resume from sleep or reboot using mDP to DP cable

Are there any updates on this?

I am using UP2414 with S/N:CN-0WWRHC-74445-3C3-112L Rev. A00

I read that even the new FW revision A01 doesn't resolve the problem, or does it?

I use MacPro with the monitor for almost half a year (bought it new) with Dual AMD FirePro D700 (or for windows users dual AMD Radeon HD7900). And I got really fed up with hard reseting the MacPro because of these monitor wake-up issues.

I use only this monitor connected with the supplied cable to the miniDP port of the MacPro.

When I start the mac normally it usually works (although not always) but then hoding the alt key for the bootcamp it almost always gets stuck in sleep mode and the only way out is to hard reset the MacPro.

On the other hand if i do a restart of the computer and hold the alt button already while the os shuts down then on the restart the bootcamp menu shows up i.e. monitor usually wakes up correctly,, but this is also incosistent.

Bottom line - DELL please, there is an issue on yourside! No excuses - I have all the updates of OSs (OS X and Win 8.1) and drivers. It is a gorgeus monitor and for something costing over 1000bucks I expect that it should wake up reliabliy just as the cheap old monitors.

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