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P2815Q, U2412M, Surface Pro 3 + Dock. Flickering U2412M

Hello - My configuration below =

- Surface Pro 3 (i7, intel hd 5000 video) - connected to P2815Q from surface pro 3 dock mini displayport out to monitor (full sized display port)

- P2815Q 4k monitor (in from surface pro 3 dock - using display port out to daisy chain U2412M)

- U2412m monitor (connected via display port from P2815Q displayport out)

My first issue was I couldn't get the display port out on the P2815Q to work - until I selected menu on the monitor and enabled the displayport 1.2 setting.  Now the dp port out on the P2815Q feeds the U2412M.

My problem now is that when I undock the surface and re-dock -- the U2412M flickers. I can fix the flicker issue by removing the power cord from the U2412M (last of the daisy chain) and plugging back in. It is almost like there is some type of sync issue.

Any thoughts or ideas?
Any help appreciated!


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