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RE: UP2414Q Light Leakage (bleed)

Yes. That is what my FAQ stated...

* Because you purchased the monitor by itself from a reseller, you must follow these instructions
* Save the invoice from the store
* If you ever need a monitor replacement, you will need to contact Customer Service via phone (not Technical Support) for your country
* You will provide to them via email or fax a picture or PDF of the original invoice showing us the purchase date, and your information. If you lose the original invoice, we will not warranty the monitor
* You would provide the following data to the Customer Service representative if you ever need a monitor replacement within that 3 year period derived from the 20 digit alphanumeric serial number:
Brick or Online Store:
Monitor model:
Monitor 20 digit alphanumeric serial number:
Email address:
Shipping address:
Phone number:
Operating system:
Video card:
Video card ports tested:
Troubleshooting performed:
* Monitor Factory Reset done
* Monitor failed Self-Test and Built-in Diagnostics
* Post further troubleshooting

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