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RE: U3415W, Display Manager for OS X?

I , I was answering Giovanni other post about the 2 screens , based on my experience. Do I have to read your post as : this monitor is not / will not be recomended to be used with a Mac ? I had a few problems in connecting it to my Macpro 2013 , quite ok with HDMI but not working with your supplied cable mini display port-display port. 

I just ordered a cable minidisplay port-mini display port 1.2 to see if I can use one of the thunderbolt/mini DP of my Mac and get full resolution at 60 Hz. 

The other issue is that I only see two possible resolutions. 

What else I need to know ?? I like your screen very much , at home I have 100% MAc, in the office 100% Dell , do I have to return the screen to Amaziìon , if I risk to be unhappy anout it with Mac in the near future ??

many thanks

giovanni fabiani 

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