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RE: U3415W, Display Manager for OS X?

Hi Nigel,

On the MacPro I only have available 

3440x1440       2560x1080     2048x858      1600x670

all above formats are 21:9 , and the 1600x670 fits quite well with the PIP.

 I have a different target, to use PBP at full screen , using 2 different ports from the Mac Pro . Doing this ( say connecting both  MDP and the Hdmi) I can split the monitor in 2 squared displays, so I would need for each of them something like 1720x1440 or 1280x1080 , to maintain a proportion between x and y axis. 

Dell wrote in this forum that this monitor is not optimised for Mac, so my only hope is Apple in the future to add in OS X drivers for the type of monitors to have a wider choice of scaling ! 



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