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UZ2315Hf headphones not working

Dear Team,

Since I have bought the monitor UZ2315H I have not found a single way to make the headphone jack working. More specifically, the headphone jack does not output sound to any headphones nor responds to any microphone of a headphone/mic combination I have tried.

The rest of the monitor works perfectly in all combinations - camera, speakers, microphone - ,driven over HDMI and USB 3 connection. When I insert a headphone jack nothing happens, the monitor just continues putting out sound from the speakers and responds to the monitor microphone only. No sound comes out of the headphones no matter which device I assign as sound device and mic device form the OS.

I did call to the Greece Customer Service on the phone once, a couple days after the purchase, but did not receive any usable information. They just requested me to send them my request in written.

Model: UZ2315Hf
Serial Number: CN-04FNJT-72872-43Q-AMTS

Revision A00

Driven over HDMI by a Sony VAIO SA, VPCSA2C5E Laptop

Windows Pro 8.1 64bit

Tested on various video cards, including AMD Radeon HD 6630M and Intel HD Graphics 3000

Available video ports on the laptop are 1 HDMI and 1 VGA

Using HDMI out form Sony to HDMI(MHL) 1 in

Using the original delivered HDMI and USB cables.

Resolution is 1080p

Purchased over

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