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External LG Widescreen Monitor - Resolution 3440x1440

Dear Ladies and Genglemen,


I'm writing English, because I believe the recipient will be in Singapore?!? (I can change to German, if you like)


Yesterday I had to buy a new laptop, my old is broken. So I opted for the XPS 15 laptop.


My laptop doesn't seem to support the external display optimal. My external widescreen display (LG 34UC98) recommends a 3440x1440 resolution but in the Windows 10 settings the highest posibility is 2560x1080. That's bad, because as a graphic designer I need a high resolution.

Software and Drivers are up to date. I'm working with Windows 10 and the Dell Dual Video USB 3.0 Docking Station D1000.  

Now I need to know if there is any posibility to fix this problem?

Software-Upgrade? Hardware-Upgrade?


Best regards!