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Powerconnect 2748 - Unable to connect to Management Site.

Hey all. recently I purchased a Dell 2748 to be the core switch in my home datacenter. For what it is doing, its working beautifully and much better then the Netgear it replaced. The only issue I have encountered is I am unable to connect to the Web management portion of the swtich. I press the button on the front of the swtich, and the green light comes on, however I am unable to access attempts to ping that address also fail. The swtich was purchased off my company, who is replacing almost all of our networking gear, so I figured maybe they had it set to a 10.x.x.x address as this is what we use internally, however using angry IP scanner looking fro IPs between and nothing turned up. So the question is

A: When you hit the management button should the switch restart (turn off and on) or should the light just come on.

B: How Do I reset the switch to factory settings to just build my own config.




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