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VoIP Deployment

     Can someone point me to the proper documentation or tell me how best to setup my Dell Switches for a VoIP deployment?? My current configuration is 1-6224F Core Switch with 4-3548s connected to the core and 1 port to our Router for External access. We are adding another 6224 on another floor for new office space we just acquired and these 2 6224s will be trunked together by Fiber. We have a flat Data Network that is with the External Router being (Default Gateway for all Workstations). We are planning to implement VLAN and use VLAN 22 for the VOICE VLAN with an address space of I want the 6224 to provide Routing between the VLANs and only send requests for Public addresses and other addresses that do not match my 2 internal VLANs to my Router. Please advise or provide a likn to the proper documents.



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