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Scott Maier
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Powerconnect 5324, console access via HyperTerminal (possible cable problem)

Greetings all. I am aware the 5324 is older tech, but I am having a problem that is driving me batty. So, to the long and short if it...

No original cable for the 5324. With using a (standard) Null Modem cable, I can only get what (appears to be) a connection/session if i fire up HyperTerminal, THEN power up the switch. I get the ASCII splash and POST, etc). At the end, (console>), I am essentialy unable to enter/type at the prompt. with some fumbling around, I can get the occasional character i type to show in the HT window, but not in a functional way, and hitting the Enter key yields nothing. In addition to this, if I try and connect with the switch already running, I just get a blank screen.

I'm thinking it's either a HT settings issue or the required console cable is an odd form of a Null Modem cable with an atypical pinout. I have what I need to change the pinout, but I wanted to see if I need to monkey around with HyperTerminal before I go and chop off on end of the Null Modem cable and break out the soldering iron and a bare DB9. Settings in HyperTerminal are 9600, 8, N, 1, Hardware flow control. Everything else is default.

Any ideas?

Thanks a bunch!

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