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6 Indium

Errors with PowerConnect MIB and NET-SNMP - Undefined OBJECT-GROUP (snmpBasicNotificationsGroup): At line 692 in /root/pc6200mibs/

Attempting to parse the MIB I constantly get the following error.

Undefined OBJECT-GROUP (snmpBasicNotificationsGroup): At line 692 in /root/pc6200mibs/

Looking at line 692 and the error message seems to suggest an issue with the snmpBasicNotificationsGroup definition.

    685 snmpBasicCompliance MODULE-COMPLIANCE                                  
    686     STATUS  current
    687     DESCRIPTION
    688             "The compliance statement for SNMPv2 entities which
    689             implement the SNMPv2 MIB."
    690     MODULE  -- this module
    691         MANDATORY-GROUPS { snmpGroup, snmpSetGroup, systemGroup,       
    692                            snmpBasicNotificationsGroup }   

Searching the file I found the definition commented out

    795 -- snmpBasicNotificationsGroup NOTIFICATION-GROUP
    796 --     NOTIFICATIONS { coldStart, authenticationFailure }
    797 --     STATUS        current
    798 --     DESCRIPTION
    799 --             "The two notifications which an SNMPv2 entity is required         to
    800 --             implement."
    801 --     ::= { snmpMIBGroups 7 }

After uncommenting these lines I get a new error message.

Expected a Number (EOF): At line 45 in /root/pc6200mibs/
Bad parse of TRAP-TYPE: At line 45 in /root/pc6200mibs/
Unknown object identifier: RFC-1215::SMI

Since I know that NET-SNMP knows about RFC-1215 I felt fairly safe that I could delete the included RFC-1215 but I thought is was important to point out the bugs. Now I can walk the enterprise tree and resolve MIBs without error messages but the problem with the switch not reporting traps which match the mibs still continues.

Switch throws trap  .

MIB defines trap




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