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Re: VLAN Routing and Config

The basics of VLAN routing would look like this.

console(config)#ip routing

console(config)#interface vlan 2



console(config)#interface vlan 3



From what I can tell you have this, but also have some other configurations added to it. Which is fine, but we may need to look at those commands and see if they are affecting the basic portion of the VLAN routing.

Are all computers in VLAN 2 and 3, connecting to these switches only? The reason I ask is you have not only 36 ports, but 36 port channels configured in access mode. Access mode is for VLAN unaware devices. If any of those ports connect to another network device, they would need to be in General mode.

Are  computers connected to VLAN 2 and 3 ports are able to get a DHCP address?

If you set a static ip address, with the default gateway being the IP address of the VLAN the computer is connected to. Are you then able to Ping between VLANs?

We have Static routes for both VLANs, set to IP address, What is this IP Address assigned to?

As a side note, it is always recommended to have the most recent firmware applied to all stack members. This will help ensure the switches are operating smoothly. The firmware can be downloaded here.

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