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Re: DHCP Relay 62xx Switches

From the interface ethernet 1/g23 can you ping the DHCP server successfully?  When you have a static IP set for VLAN 40.

I do not see the IP helper set in the above configuration.  The DHCP packets will not traverse outside off the switch

console(config)#ip helper enable

To relay both DHCP and DNS packets to, use the following commands:


console(config)#ip helper enable

console(config)#interface vlan 5

console(config-if-vlan5)#ip helper-address dhcp

console(config-if-vlan5)#ip helper-address dns

I typed the above out earlier and got delayed on posting it.  I see your response came in about wireshark and VLAN 1.  The management VLAN is not routable on the 6200 model switches.  I would avoid using VLAN 1 for any traffic when you have multiple VLANs set up.

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