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Dell x4012 Copper 1G SFP


We have a dell x4012 as a core router for our fibre network and have 2 x 1G copper SFP plugs which have been working fine for 2 copper connections. We wanted to move the port that they were connected so pulled them out and then when we have put them back into the different port and we get no activity or connection lights on them.

In the switch itself, we get an informational log saying that the port is present (%NSFP-I-SFPGibicDetected: te1/0/12 SFP port is present) but when we plug a network cable in they do not light up and we do not get any more information.

Any suggestions as to what has happened as they were working fine and all we did was unplug them?

We also tries them in a x1052 switch we have but they did the same, presented in the log but no activity lights.

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