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Re: N1108 Series -- "Uplink" ports do not forward

Hi there,

A few of the service tags i have on the bench right now are : 



The topology is very simple.  

switch ports 1-2 (client),9-12 (uplink GbE) all set to trunk all vlans, untagged vlan1 default  

switch addresses,42

pc plugged into 41/1

switches linked 41/9 to 42/9

when in this arrangement, i can ping , but cannot ping

if i change pc to 42/1, i can ping but not

if i connect a dumb switch 3 ports to PC, 41/9 and 42/9 , i can ping both switches.

if i connect 41/1 to 42/1 , PC into 41/2 or 42/2 , i can ping both switches

it's like the UPLINK ports have a different behaviour completely to the client ports


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