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RE: DNS Issue with PC6248

Does this idea suggested by @Joel_McClung help? I'm experiencing exactly the same issue btw (also trying to use the pool - but the German one).

It seems to be a common problem on PCT 6248 or more switches from the 6200 series, even on the latest and greatest firmware version.

Happy New Year (even if it's already a few days old) and best regards


EDIT: I'm with Joel - it could be the Round Robin method to randomly choose NTP Servers, but I don't think so anymore after trying to use three German timeservers from different universities. I can also see a

Failed to Resolve DNS address for Server (null)"

in the debug log, but those servers are definitely not using Round Robin. 

Even if I only specify one address (e.g. it will fail. Does it only accept numeric IPs?


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