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New to PowerConnect 2824 - Need Help

Hello Everyone,

        After struggling for bit I finally was able to get in to the Dell PowerConnect 2824 I acquired. Story behind this purchase is I have 4 Virtualization Servers with 2 - 8 tb NAS' they both can do nic bonding/teaming. I understand that setting up LAG will only increase bandwidth and not speed. However it will give me performance as I save the VMs to an NFS Store that is shared among the Virtual Hosts. I also do backups to these NAS' as well. So with that said can someone point me to a tutorial on how to create a VLANs and LAG. Also can I attach a LAG to a VLAN my thought is I would like to use port 21-24 for LAG I would put the NAS' on these ports and make it VLAN 3 at least that's what I hope to do. And do they need to be tagged or untagged, I do know that DPC 2824 doesn't play well with more than one untagged vlan.

P.S. I currently have a Cisco 3750 24 port switch on this network with 3 VLans 1 - is the external network to internet, I have VLan 10 Set as an internal private network, & I have VLan 99 setup as a management network that only my workstation has access to. Each of these VLans have an IP associated with them for management of course. (Do I have to do that with the DPC2824?) 


I hope I explained this properly, Thanks for your time,


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