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s4148F interswitch traffic within vlan with VLT



I've set up 2 s4148F's with a VLTi and there are several machines connected with LACP across both switches. So far that's working fine.

Now I'd like to add a non-LAG connection on both switches so 2 devices can talk with each other in their own vlan, like this:

device A <--> (untagged port vlan 100) switch B <-VLTi-> switch C (untagged port vlan 100) <---> device D

in this setup, A and D can not reach each other. I suspect this is because the VLTi can only carry port channel traffic and I'm not setting up a LAG here so I'm not configuring these ports to be in a port-channel.

I have a 100g connection between switch B and C, which is in use for the VLTi. It's not allowed to change the port configuration to trunk, because the VLTi usage won't allow it.

How can I get device A and B to talk with each other?

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