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Re: Dell 946 Printer Problem

Hi, PudgyOne! Thanks very much for the reply!

My ink cartridges are not refilled or another brand--they are always purchased from Dell's website.

I followed your instructions and did not get any error messages.

I also replaced the new black ink cartridge with another new black ink cartridge--error message then said "alignment problem -- remove tape from cartridges or check troubleshooting."  (I always remove the tape before I install so I am very puzzled why it would say this.) Then it printed an alignment page--on the left hand side of the paper, a vertical black line approx. one-half inch in width  printed out and only a faded red vertical strip approx. 1/4 inch wide (this was the only color). The faded red vertical strip was to the left of the vertical black strip.  Then various black horizontal line segments to the right.

Any other thoughts? Your efforts are very much appreciated!!

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