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Ready to pack it up and ship it back!!!

I am just so upset and disappointed. Just trying to talk to someone in Dell left me in tears! It started today with a surprise gift from my 20 YO son who is serving in Afghanistan. Unable to contact me by PM he called and found out my computer was at the end of it's life and my messenger and skype was not working Two weeks later what arrives at my door but a new dell from him! Oh the joy and excitment which quickly led to frustration and tears. I was so happy and looking foprward to being able to talk to my son on the PC again! I was hoping for maybe a Sunday Skype call.

I take the old PC down and get the new one all setup to find the monitor is not connecting with the PC and stays in power save mode. I hookup my old Dell Monitor, same problem. It is the PC not the monitor. I call Dell. First I get the voice who does not understand a word I say. I yell into the phone until it connects me to a human. It is Customer Service, They ask for an express number. I give it to them and it is not recognized, explain the situation, they connect me to someone else, they ask for the same number. Give them the number and the problem, they connect me to someone else, who asks for the same number, order number and the problem. They tell me they are transfering me to tech if we get disconnected call the tech number, dial in the express service number and I will get connected again. They transfer me to tech. After over a half an hour on hold I talk to a person one minute before the line goes dead. I call the tech number back and I get the voice again. Dial in the express service number and it does not recognize the number.  Get customer service who tells me no one can help at this time because The tag or tap ( could not quite understand the person because of the thick accent) was not in and no one could help for 24-48 hours. Call back on Sunday for help. I say no I don't want to do all this again can you tell me how to just send the computer back? No he says wait until Sunday!The person was NO help at all! Call back!! after all that, no one could say in the beginning that there was no help for me? I don't want to go through this whole song and dance again! Plus tech will expect me to setup the whole computer again.

I hate to disappoint my son by sending the whole thing back but I can't take the stress of it all. Tonights total was over one and a half hours on the phone. I have bought three computers and a canon 20D camera from Dell and never had a problem. That is why my son sent me a Dell.  I am sure he will regret the purchase as much as I do. Can someone tell me how to ship this darn thing back to Dell and get my son a refund?? I will find a used computer so we can talk on Skype.

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