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Re: MINI 9 Delays

I'd appreciate some follow-up about when those Dell Mini 9 systems mentioned in this thread actually shipped.  I ordered mine 7/29/09, and am still waiting after about 4 or 5 delays, and am just curious how bad things can get.

I'm fine with the concept of producion delays.  A lot of parts go into a computer, and if some aren't available, the company can't build or ship the system.  What I object to is repeatedly pushing back the delivery date only one or two weeks at a time if that's not when Dell expects the computers to be ready.  From what DELL-RobertP says, it's 7-10 days to turn around a system and get it to the US once they start building it, plus up to a week for the ground shipping to get it from Dell to me.  If that's true, then Dell should not be telling me the estimated arrival date is one or two weeks from now unless that system is already in production.  Otherwise, there's no way am I getting it that soon.

When I look up my current order, it says the estimated delivery date is Sept 10, meaning the estimated ship date is Sept 3.  The only way that could possibly be true is if the manufacturing facility in Malaysia is no longer waiting for parts, and is pretty far along putting together the system.  I wonder if Dell would be willing to either (a) confirm that's the case, or (b) push back my estimated arrival date far enough that it's a realistic reflection of what's going on in your production facility.

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