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Re: Optiplex 9010 SFF - 3 monitor issue, followed Dell's ste

@Tesla1856 wrote:

Whether it is suppose to work or not ...

IMO, trying to get 3 monitors to work on i7-3770's Intel integrated graphics (HD-4000) is not a realistic expectation.

Run 2 only ... or install a dedicated video card (which will be difficult with a SFF ... if possible at all) .



Thank you for your opinion, but technical specifications speak more. As others have pointed out in the many threads, this processor can run 3 displays:

# of Displays Supported ‡3

Even using Dell's link here:

"Some users may report issues when trying to get three displays to work on the OptiPlex 7010 or 9010 through the Intel HD 4000 Integrated Video solution. Intel and Dell documentation state that the integrated HD 4000 video solution is able to support three displays natively."

"The configurations that support 3 displays are limited to the ones listed below."

"Two (2) displays connected DisplayPort to DisplayPort (No adapters) and one display connected through VGA. (Recommended configuration)"


THIS! The above is what I am doing.  This is what Dell's recommended solution is.  

Everything from the specifications of the processor to Dell state that this should work.


I cannot believe that this is an issue and that dell has not produced a solution.  Just sweep it under a rug mentality is all I see.


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