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Re: Optiplex 9010 SFF - 3 monitor issue, followed Dell's ste

@gandaio1 wrote:

1. Thank you for your opinion, but technical specifications speak more.

2. As others have pointed out in the many threads, this processor can run 3 displays: Everything from the specifications of the processor to Dell state that this should work.

3. I cannot believe that this is an issue and that dell has not produced a solution.  Just sweep it under a rug mentality is all I see.


1. Really?

2. And some (like you ) have trouble. Yeah, we all got that. So, how much closer are you to 3 displays?    At least my recommendation has a chance of working. It's also the more accepted way to do it. 

3. Regardless, I don't think Dell will be fixing a (secondary) feature on a 6 year old computer. That's why I posted (to try to help you) in the first place.

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