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RE: PDU Mennekes red socket versus blue socket

Hello Gschildknecht,

you are right both, the single phase and the 3 phase pdus are usable for 230V, but the "Red" one has 30 ampere, the "Blue" one uses 60 ampere and has a single phase, sorry for my last post with the 400v, it was received a 3 phase (that explains the RED one), I`ll recommend to clarify with your provider if he uses Sinlge phase or three phase connectors, you have got 3 phase at the moment, both single and thre phase are usable for 230v , but they have got different ampere.
At you will find more detailed informations regarding powering and in this PDF the PDU`s are described.
If you yre not familar or not sure please veritfy the PDF with the local datacenter provider to avoid possible damages.
I also recommend to consider the locaton where the Chassis shall be placed with provider to avoid thermal probs , on this site you also fidn very useful infos BLades and cooling.

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