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Re: Cant See any Power Settings for my Servers

After a few emails between Dell Tech support and myself here's another update....

  • The iDRAC does indeed respond correctly to the IPMI power commands for both the R510 and T410 servers.
  • Modifying the sampling interval in the OMPC back to default of 1min allowed me to re-establish comms to all my servers and I allow me to see power for the R510 (Not T410).  See image for R510 server below...

  • The T410 will only seems to show a consitent the mimimum power level of 190W.
    See below....

  • I am also still seeing the "Cannot Register Event on Device" messages quite frequently for both the R510 and T410. 

    Refer previous posts here...

    These are followed shortly thereafter with "Communication with Device Restored". 



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