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Re: Controller battery needs reconditioning. Please run


Depending on the type of RAID controller present in your system (such as the Adaptec PERC3/SI or PERC3/DI), a firmware and driver update on the controller itself will likely resolve the reconditioning issue for you.  The latest update for such cards is version 2.71, which allows the RAID controller to automatically recondition itself, eliminating the need to do so manually in Array Manager. 

Below is a link to a Dell knowledgebase article that fully explains battery reconditioning and why it is necessary:

Below are steps that should get you to the downloads page that you need for version 2.71 updates for your RAID controller:

Go to
Choose your system/product type or enter your service tag.
On the following page, choose Downloads from the middle of the screen.
Select your operating system and download category (SCSI RAID).

If updates are needed for your system's RAID controller, it is strongly recommend that you first update the Windows driver, then reboot and update the controller's firmware.  Failure to update in this order could lead to a corrupted RAID array.

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