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PowerEdge 2800 power problem

I have a PowerEdge 2800 that won't boot.  At first glance, everything would appear to be normal.  Plug in the power cords and the green LEDs light on the back of the power supplies, fans "whir" and lights light on the front of the machine, light on the power button blinking.  BUT, push the power button and you get nothing.  After some diligent observation, I noticed that fans came on in only one of the power supplies.  That struck me as odd, because if there were a problem with the other power supply, one would think the LED would indicate that.  I also noticed that on the front of the machine, neither the blue or amber status light is light.  Documentation indicated that the system has no power.  OK, well that seems obvious, but both PS indicate that they are functional and there are no error messages in the operator panel message display.  Anyone have any thoughts on this?  Is it a bad power supply causing the problem, the system board, or the switch?

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