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Ubuntu install on an M600 Blade

I'm trying to install Ubuntu on a few M600 blades, but I'm running into some issues. I'm thinking that these might be some sort of driver/hardware compatibility issues, but I'm not sure.

1. During boot, right after the grub menu, the screen goes black. Nothing is visible. I can only watch it boot if I choose recovery mode from the grub menu.

2. Boot hangs right around when it is mounting the file systems. It goes into a Busybox (initramfs) prompt and just sits there waiting for intervention. If I just type "exit" and hit enter, it will finish booting and I'll get to the login prompt.

If I'm not booting into recovery mode, I can't see it hang. It just stays at a blank screen. But still, if I type 'exit' and hit enter, it will finish booting and video will come back right before it gets to the logon prompt.

Any ideas?

RAID controller is SAS 6. No array configured (I've tried with a RAID0 array, but had the same results.)

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