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Re: R710 Memory Upgrade possibility with 16GB module

You said along with 16GB modules, I can also use this 4GB 1066 module at both bank A and B at 7th, 8th slot...but I was going through User guide which says...All the channels in all Bank must be populated with same size and config of memory. have I missed anything in the guide..

Memory modules of different sizes can be mixed within a memory channel
(for example, 2-GB, 8-GB, and 4-GB), but all populated channels must
have identical configurations.

What that means is that you can put different size memory in each bank(The banks being 1-3, 4-6,7-9), but they must be populated the same way. So, you can't have 3 DIMMs in the first bank(1-3), 2 DIMMs in the second bank(4-6), and 1 DIMM in the third(7-9). Each bank must have the same number of DIMMs, so if you put 2 DIMMs in 1-3 then all of the other banks must have 2 DIMMs or no DIMMs at all.


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