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PowerEdge 2900 - Windows Server 2003 R2

Hi, I have a PowerEdge 2900 - with 2 x 250gb HD's. We have a Dell SAS 6/iR integrated controller - configured to RAID 1. 

Just before Christmas, one of our 250gb HD's failed - drive 0. We only received a replacement HD last week as they are very rare to buy. We turned off the Server, and placed in the new HD. It started to sync up. 

We came in the next day to find an LED error on the display of the PowerEdge 2900 -  E1810 HDD 0  Fault.

This was only a new HD. I need to know if it's possible the Controller could be broken or if we definitely go and buy another HD that, that will work.

They were the exact same HD's too.

Any advise?


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