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RE: High End Graphics Card for Poweredge 2950

A few notes about the 2950 and putting in a videocard.

Like Chris stated; this server was never designed to have a videocard put in. So you'll just have to try and see what works.

The system does not have any PCIe 16x slots and has no way to provide cabled power to a videocard.

So you can try a PCIe 1x card (limits you to fairly entry level cards, but still better than the onboard video option). To use a PCIe 16x card (that doesn't require more power than a PCIe slot can provide), you can either cut open the end of the PCIe 8x slot (doing this wrong could cause permanent damage to the PCIe riser and may require replacing the whole riser (the 2950 won't work with the risers populated)), or cut your videocard's PCIe connector to have an opening so it can fit in the 8x slot. There are some posts on these boards with a picture of someone having done that with the videocard.

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