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RE: High End Graphics Card for Poweredge 2950

Thanks Skylarking,

I was following the exact same train of thought....  I at first waited several hours for Win Serv 08 to start. (I have an older poweredge 1600 that has this problem occasionally)

Was actually getting ready to try to disable the embedded video when I decided to try another card.  I had an old 128mb card from a Dell system and tried the modifying trick of removing enough material to clear the 8x socket.  This worked!

I also agree that the issue may have been the power required for the new card.

While the card I have working now is not a high-end card...  It is way better than the embedded 16mb vga.  It also has a DVI out in addition to the vga so I should be able to get much better resolution.  Perfect for my needs as I am not setting this up for gaming but am using it as a server.  (I just picked up 2 of these plus an enterprise version of '08 with 25 CALs for $600.  Twin 3.2 xeons, 16g ram, 6-300gb hd's.  Sweat deal!)

Thanks again for your help!!


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