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R710 error while booting: pcie training error integrated RAID

I have an r710 and just now booted it for the first time.

First thing it does is check the ram then it looks for the iDRAC card (which I don't have) and then after that is when it displays the error:

pcie training error integrated raid

System halted.

The pcie card I have in the raid PCIe slot is the PERC H710 raid card.

The green LED on the card blinks/flickers so I am hoping that's normal for it to do that.

The BIOS version on the R710 is 6.0.7.

I am able to log into the BIOS ONLY IF i wait until it promts me at the end up it loading everything in bios. However, if I press F2 while its loading everything still in bios i get into the bios menu (but only if i do not have the H710 pcie card connected).

I am not able to find the option to update the BIOS via lifecycle controller.

Please see my screen captures and make sure i am doing all of this correctly.

An overall view of the PCIe card:

The error i get when having the PCIe card connected:

The error i get when pressing F2 while bios loads (without PCIe card connected):

The option i get when NOT pressing F2 while the BIOS loads up (without PCIe card connected):

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