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RE: PowerEdge 2950 server failure - E1000 FAILSAFE,CALL SUPPORT E1218,PCI Rsr 5v PwrGd


The issue you are seeing is due to a problem with either the motherboard, riser, or a PCI card in that riser. To start troubleshooting which one, take the server down to the minimum hardware required to POST. That is removing everything in the server but the folowing;

  • System board
  • Processor (with heatsink) in socket 1
  • Two sticks of memory in memory slots 1 and 2
  • 1 power supply
  • Control panel (to turn on system)
  • Sideplane
  • Both PCI risers; PCI-e in center slot, (PCI-e or PCI-X) in left slot  

When you power off to do this, please reseat both risers. Be certain to remove the PCI cards from the risers as well. This will tell us if the issue was one of the cards in the riser. If we still get the error, when we power up, we know it is down to either the motherboard or riser. 

Do you happen to have another 2950, with a matching set of risers, that we can test the server with known good risers?

Likely the server is down until we replace whatever hardware is causing the issue, but we will have to see if reseating anything resolves.

Let me know what you find. 

Chris Hawk

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