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poweredge T420 RAID Foriegn configuration(s) found on adapter

I am sorry if this post duplicated but every time I posted it, I was kicked out of the page and didnt see my post when I got back on

I was hot swapping a drive on a 2 drive server.

When I did, the system rebooted or at least I got a config type screen with this info

Foriegn configuration(s) found on adapter

press any key to continue or C to load the config utility or F to import forgiegn config and continue

I didnt want to do that so just hit a key to cont and got this

There are offline or missing virtual drives with preserved cache

please check cables and ensure all drives are present

So I thought maybe the drive was bad so I put the old one back. It was fine before the swap to my knowledge

I got the same thing

So I tryed just the 1 original drive.

Same thing again.


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