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Dell PowerEdge T620 Power Management Firmware not responsive

I bought a used PE T620 and have been using it as a FreeNAS server for about a year. I am now upgrading the storage and decided to update the firmware during the process. None of the Firmware appears to have ever been updated. I first updated the BIOS from V1.0.4 to 2.6.1 with a a DOS-bootable USB flash drive. The update went fine except now the system has an error during POST for "Power Management Firmware not responsive". Error message is in posted picture. Sensors for power usage are not reporting data and reading 0W. System Fans ramp up to full speed and stay at full speed. I have tried disconnecting the power and holding the power switch for 15 seconds to drain power but the error persists.IMG_20180308_222242.jpgIMG_20180308_222216.jpgIMG_20180308_222302.jpgIMG_20180308_222306.jpg

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