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PowerEdge r710 rebooting - storage error

I have a R710 with a Perc 6/i controller and 6 Hard Drives.  Firmware, BIOS and Drivers are up to date.

I have experienced 3 reboots in the past 2 days. 

I am seeing quite a few event 2234 in Open Manage

Controller event log: Unexpected sense: PD 04(e0x20/s4) Path 5000cca00fa12901, CDB: 28 00 0d 04 31 27 00 00 59 00, Sense: 3/11/00: Controller 0 (PERC 6/i Integrated)

These are then followed up by event IDs 2235 and/or 2236

Controller event log: Fatal firmware error: Driver detected possible FW hang, halting FW. : Controller 0 (PERC 6/i Integrated)

Somewhere I read that PD 04 might be pointing to disk 4.   Is this possible?

Any help is much appreciated!


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