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Re: R620 GPU Possible?

the 1080 needs 150 to 180watts all by its self, NVIDIA spec, (wiki it)

so you need power to the NVIDIA AUX power jack, with 15amps of extra 12vdc power, just here.

how to do that , would be hard in ANY server, why use  server for gaming?

buy  Dell 7050 and build off that,  I can tell  you how, I have 1030 running any GTX  made up to GTX660

using custom PSU, but that was easy , not your server.


I will not comment fully on ebay BITCOINMining  pci-e extension cable(s)  cables,. that  hack is over the top.

1u is not the only problem there are those Screaming fans not heard once you load this box up. I think.

I am not Dell, I am retired from this industry since 2009,
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