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Re: Help with Raid 1 Retrofit Solution for PowerEdge SC1430

We have an SC1430 with a Perc5i card - I believe this should be your best performing solution from the list you give.  However, we are currently having some kind of strange file copy issue which could just be a bad perc 5i card.

You would drop the perc 5i in - install the drivers - then move your current drives to the perc and boot from them - install the perc raid management software to setup your raid 1 to the unused drive and begin rebuild...  Make sure you get the proper sata cable connectors for the perc 5i as well - they are proprietary.  And if you want to maximize performance with 'write back' mode you will need to get a BBU (battery backup) with it - otherwise the Dell drivers force it to use write through mode.



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