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Seek help from PERC4 experts, about replacing controller...

Dear all,

Our old PE2850, which is running linux, is suddenly down, and when reboot, the onboard PERC4 controller said memory / battery has problem. The OS cannot be entered anymore.

Then I borrowed a PCI-X PERC4/D and hope can read back the volume and perform back up.

I have performed the following:

0. removed the hard disks from the machine

1. Plug in the PCI-X Raid card

2. Disabled the onboard PERC4 raid

3. Plug back the disks

4. Enter the Raid setting

5. In view configuration section, I select read from Disk, then save using this configuration, as the configuration seems to be the previous one in the onboard raid.

6. When reboot, the RAID volume seems to be found.

Then my questions are:

0. Are the onboard and the PCI-X one compatible?

1. Is the above procedure, especially step 5, is correct.

2. When I remove the disks from the machine, we forgot to record the disk order. We just plug back the disks randomly in step 3. Will this affect the volume, especially the data integrity, even the raid 5 volume could be recognized?

Thanks. Any advice is welcomed.


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