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RE: Degraded RAID 1 Array:PowerEdge 2800

0. No offence taken 🙂

1. It could have been a fluke. Firmware, static electricity, poor Moon/Venus alignment, etc. You could try it again to confirm the issue.

- That was my first thought.

2. Yes I'm sure it's certified - I got it from a certified partner for out-of-warranty Dell Spares, and yes I have another 2800 I can test it on before I do anything else, that was my second thought.

3. BIOS Firmware A07, PERC 4e/Di Firmware 5B2D, Driver Version, Storport Driver Version 5.2.3790.3959, then it says Minimum required storport driver version 5.2.3790.4173?

4. Could be. This is a Mail Server for 100 employee's - downtime is ultra critical - That's why I'm half tempted to leave it well alone until we can get a new server sorted, but ultimately I don't want to be leaving a degraded array realistically. A rock and a hard place comes to mind.

I totally appreciate your immediate replies by the way, thank you.

3. You should look into updating the storport driver once this is resolved:

4. Understood.  You could try plugging in the drive after hours.  If it is a power issue with the drive, it will likely do the same thing when you plug it in.  If not, it will simply sit there until you do something with it.  You may not have issues with it over the next few months, but as an mail server, it will get a lot of activity, and every second you are degraded, you run the risk of permanent data loss from read/write errors ... rock/hard place ... I get it 🙂

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