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SAS 6/iR Integrated SAS + SATA (SSD) Negotiated speed PE1950


I've installed on my PE1950 III two drives in SAS 6/iR Integrated (embedded).

First one is SAS 73GB 15k which uses 3Gbps and second one is Samsung 840 EVO 250GB (ssd). I know, that these SSD's are not supported by Dell, however it works fine, just one problem: I am having Negotiated speed 1.50Gbps which should be 3Gbps (Maximum read rate I am getting from tests is ~150MB/s, this SSD supports up to 500MB/s).

I did not install interposer on SATA disk, while mixing it with SAS hdd on the controller. Could interposer solve the problem and let me use whole 3Gbps of the channel? I have unused interposers at home, but asking, if it is worth going to the datacenter and placing one on the SATA.

Thanks in advance!