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RE: SAS 6/iR Integrated SAS + SATA (SSD) Negotiated speed PE1950


Yes, SSDs are not officially supported on the SAS 6/iR.

I happen to be running a similar configuration on my home desktop system. I hadn't even noticed that my 840 EVO had negotiated to 1.5.

I booted into the SAS 6 controller BIOS and indeed the 840 negotiated to 1.5. I am running my OS on the 250GB 840 EVO and have 2x1TB SATA drives in a RAID 0 for data. The SATA drives are at 3.0.

I installed the latest Samsung Magician software: and used it to update the EVO to the latest firmware. I restarted and booted back into the controller BIOS with no change. It was still negotiating to 1.5.

I then stole an interposer from one of my 2950 servers and attached it to the 840 EVO. I booted back into the controller BIOS and it is now negotiating to 3.0, so it would appear that an interposer will allow it to negotiate link speed properly.


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