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RE: SAS 6/iR Integrated SAS + SATA (SSD) Negotiated speed PE1950

Hi Brad,

The MP199P is a special board with a temperature sensor - one side plugs into your drive and the other side into the HDD_Temp connector on the board. The idea is that the Hard Drive fan (which sits between the cages, underneath the PSU) will respond to the temperature reported by the sensor and so keep the drives cool if the temperature hits a certain threshold. I've just got one of these and I'm testing it but I haven't seen the Hard Drive fan change speed yet.

What you want is a standard Dell Interposer board as shown here: All you do is plug the Interposer Board into your hard drive connector, plug in the power connect into the board and plug in your SAS data cable which will run from one of your 4 SAS connectors to the Interposer Board.

I presume you've got your SSD in one of those internal cages? You'll notice the 4 power connectors that are already there. The Interposer Board is there to allow SATA drives e.g. your SSD SATA drives, to plug to plug into a SAS Controller - the SAS 6/ir in your case (I also have  T7500). Here's a more detailed explanation:

"The Interposer adds a lot of functionality to the drive. The primary function of the Interposer is redundant pathing. SATA has a single path, and SAS has a dual path. The Interposer adds a second path for active redundancy. It also allows the SATA drive to use the same signaling as a SAS. The Interposer will reduce spin-up delays, and there is improved error recovery and logging. It also adds the capability to assign the drive to multiple hosts."

I hope that helps.




System Specs:

Dell T7500 with Dual, 6-Core Intel Xeon X5690 3.72GHz (Turbo Mode) | Triple-Channel 48GB 1333MHz DDR3 EEC FBDIMM | 3GB nVidia Quadro K4000 | 3 x 600GB 15.7K RPM SAS(6Gb/s) Drives as RAID0 on Dell PERC 6 RAID card for Video | 2TB WD Caviar Green SATA3(6Gb/s) for RAID0 Backup | 2TB WD Caviar Black SATA3(6Gb/s) for Rendering | 750GB WD Caviar Black SATA3(6Gb/s) for OS | ADS PYRO 64-Bit PCI-X IEEE 1394a Card | Fresco Logic PCIe USB3 Card

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