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RE: PE2650 BIOS can't detect Hard drive

First of all...Is the data valuable and do you have a up to date validated backup?

If this is valuable data and you don't a have a up to date validated backup, you shouldn't do anything and contact a data recovery provider to recover your data.


1. You cannot set up RAID 1 on 5 drives, RAID 1 is a mirror and requires exactly 2 drives. If your server went down after 2 drives went offline, you have a RAID5 configuration.

2. If 2 drives go down in a RAID5 configuration, the RAID volume will be inaccessible because 1 stripe of the configuration and it's corresponding parity data is missing.

3 If you setup a fresh RAID configuration with the 2 replacement drives you will have an empty volume and corrupt previous data, If you initialize 2 drives as replacements and do a rebuild, YOU WILL corrupt your data.

4 If you attempt to replace 1 drive and force another(original) online to do a rebuild and the parity set is outdated(1 drive failed earlier than the other), YOU WILL corrupt your data.

YOU SHOULD NEVER attempt to replace drives in a server that has gone past the degraded state unless you have a validated up to date backup or if the data has no value.

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