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RE: R720 with H710P CacheCade Question


I've read that cachecade 2.0 is not available on the H710P but the Dell posting talking about this was very old -- is this still true and only cachecade 1.1 is supported as a read-only cache?

Yes, cachecade 2.0 was never released on our PERCs. We dropped cachecade completely and moved to Sandisk DAS Cache on later generations. You can read more about it here:

The last unknown is how cachecade is applied to virtual devices. Is a cachecaid array global for the entire pool of virtual disks or do you have to associate it with a virtual disk?

It is global. There are very few options available when configuring cachecade. You can create, delete, or name a cachecade virtual disk. The rest of your questions should be answered in this article:

<ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>

There are two things of note in that article:

  1. It states multiple times that ONLY the 1GB version of the H700 supports cachecade. That statement is true, but the feature was included with the 512MB version of the H700 by mistake. To my knowledge we have not removed the cachecade feature from the 512MB version, but the feature is not supported on that card and it may not be available in all firmware versions of that card.
  2. It states in that article that ONLY SSDs with Dell identifiers are supported. I do not know if we explicitly block non-Dell drives in cachecade arrays. If you decide to use 3rd party drives then I would recommend you make sure you can use them elsewhere or return them if they do not function properly. If you use 3rd party drives that another site says will work then keep in mind that any firmware change to the controller or drives may cause communication problems. We optimize our controller and HDD firmware for our PERCs and HDDs. We do not design the firmware for broad compatibility with other products.


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