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Any experience with buying refurbished servers? Or a total solution including recycling of old servers?

One of our new IT guys is pushing us to try a local (Houston based) company for some upgrades, and potentially buy some refurbished servers as well.  The company will also buy our old equipment and recycle what can't be re-used I guess.  I have a concern on quality, but it seems more and more of the IT guys we deal with are going this route.

Is it just to save money?  Is quality an issue with someone offering a good warranty?  I know our "green" people want certificates and stuff for any e-solutions and green initiatives we do, so at least we can keep them happy if we go this route for asset disposition.

Has anyone used the company Server Monkey at  to source upgrades or configure a server?  On the asset disposition side, we usually wipe our own drives and then just sell them on craigslist or whatever.  This place offers data wiping and other services that we probably should be using, but I am always skeptical to use new services...  Any guidance is appreciated.

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